VOIP Setting Up

Setting up your free VOIP account is simple on any type of device

  • Basic SIP Account
    VOIP uses the SIP protocol, and all devices need just a couple of things to get going, its the same on every device. When you get an account from us you will have a username, a password and an address for a sip server. Put these three things into your device config, and thats it.

    There are of course other options, one being the Codec, you normally wouldnt need to change this, but if your techy minded you can, its just the amount of bandwidth a call uses, so if your in a bad comms area, you can select a codec with a lower speed.
  • IP Desk Phones
    On all desk IP phones, the config is the same, just enter your user ID, Password, and Sip Proxy, which in all cases is sip.transcom.net. If you have multiple lines, simply get a free account for each line, theres no limit.
  • Mobile Phones
    Som mobile phones already have a SIP client built in, at one time even iphone did. The configuration is the same, user ID, password and sip proxy address of sip.transcom.net.

    On slow networks, you may want to change the codec you use, we support many, please ask and we will recommend whats best for you. If you dont have a SIP client built in, just download a SIP client or softphone, there are hundreds, and many are free.
  • Laptops
    You can also use our VOIP services on any laptop, MAC or PC, just search around for a free softphone, and downlaod the application. Simply add the user ID, password and SIP Proxy server, and use your mic and speakers to communicate, you can of course add a DID to any sovice including a PC.
  • Cheat Sheet
    Example Parameters:
    User ID : 158461_myoffice
    Password : mypassword
    Sip Proxy : sip.transcom.net

    011+Country Code+number: International
    00+Country Code+number: International
    033+Country Code+number: International Value
    044+Country Code+number: International Premium
    *225: (*bal) Account Balance
    *97: Voicemail
    4443: Sound Quality Test
    4747: DTMF Test
    1-555-555-0911: Test CallerID and e911 Test
    (+ signs used as reference only. Do not include + signs when dialing)

  • User ID + Password + SIP Proxy = sip.transcom.net
    Codecs : G.711U (u-law / pcmu), G.729a, G.722, GSM
    Protocols : SIP and IAX2
    Ports : SIP: 5060 UDP RTP Range: 10001-20000 UDP / IAX2: 4569 UDP
    Alternative Ports : 5080 UDP and 42872 UDP