DID Numbers

Its easy to add real phone numbers to any free VOIP Account

  • What are DID's ?
    DID stands for Direct Inward Dialing , and a VOIP service provider, like us, can add a real phone number to your free VOIP account, meaning that you can be called, and make calls from your new number(s), or forward and re route the DID to anywhere you wish. There are many configurable options with a DID number, great for business.

    You can order DID's directly from your dashboard, or contact us. Each country has its own charges and some have special requirements.
  • Local Numbers
    A DID local number can be selected for any town in any country, so you can be represented by the dialing code, for instance, a 208 number would place you or your business in London.
  • National Numbers
    A DID National number is a special number that has no location representation, for example, the 0330 number in the United Kingdom is not tied to anywhere specific, as is the 0845 number.
  • Toll Free / Freefone Numbers
    Toll free or Freefone numbers are also avaliable as a DID, meaning that your customers do not incur any charges by calling you or your bsuiness, however, you do pick up the tab for this.
  • Fax Numbers
    Fasx over VOIP is quite unique, and requires a special number when using as a DID, hwoever, we do have a large quantity of these.