Call anytime, anywhere!

free voip to voip calling + DID numbers

Get free accounts for any number of global users, and link them all together by using just extension numbers, no call charges or time limitations. Add an in country direct dial number to enhance your capabilities with free inbound calls

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Free VOIP to VOIP calling

Connect with business, friends and family globally without any call charges.

DID Numbers

Add any quantity of virtual numbers so you can be called with any phone.

Special Numbers

Get a freefone number in any country, or a global non geographic number

Switchboard (IVR)

Make your own switchboard with messages and redirection anywhere.

Failover Options

Never miss calls in any country, 14 different failover routes.

Complete Control

Control options include ring times, recording and transcribing.


Any device anywhere !

unique dashboard configuration

VOIP to VOIP is 100% free

add on a Direct Dial number anytime

VOIP Accounts


no charges

Account breakdown

  • Unlimited Accounts
  • Global Extension Calling
  • Free VOIP to VOIP Calls
  • Unlimited Inbound Calls
  • Unlimited Outbound Calls
  • All VOIP Features *
  • Comprehensive Dashboard
  • No contract or setup fees
  • No cards or prepayment needed
  • Free VOIP to VOIP Calls
  • Call Recording 0.3p per minute
  • Calls to landlines from 1p per minute
  • Calls to mobiles from 1p per minute
  • Transcoding to Email 5p per minute

Special Numbers


from per number/month

Geographic / FreeFone / Special

  • All DID Number Features
  • +
  • Freefone Numbers - 40 Countries
  • - inbound Calls 10p per minute
  • Toll Free Numbers - USA / Canada
  • - inbound Calls 2p per minute
  • Vanity Numbers - USA / Canada
  • - inbound Calls 2p per minute + £15 SETUP
  • Fax Numbers - USA / Canada
  • - inbound Calls 3p per minute
  • National Numbers - 22 Countries
  • - inbound Calls Free + £6 setup
  • Virtual SIP URI's
  • ** Restrictions may apply

Many Unique VOIP Features

Voicemail - Virtual Fax - DID's - Calling Queues - Custom Music on Hold - Transcribing - Recording - Free VOIP to VOIP - Call Forwarding - Call Hunting - Audio Conferencing - DISA - Caller ID Filtering - SNS / SMS Messaging - Digital Receptionist - SIP URI's - Ring Groups - Failover Options - Sequences - Callback - Time Conditions - Phone Book - Call Parking - CDR's - Multiple Reports - Dashboard - Support Ticketing